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The Flying Hospital, Inc., was established by Mercy Airlift to bring to the world the largest fully equipped surgical hospital ever constructed inside an aircraft. The purpose in acquiring this aircraft will be to provide medical services and humanitarian aid to impoverished populations in developing countries throughout the world, and to provide disaster relief services wherever the immediate need may be.

Photo of the Plane.

The Flying Hospital is a Lockheed L-1011 wide body aircraft. It will be an important resource that will provide Mercy Airlift and our partners with the means necessary to accomplish missions to bring medical expertise, equipment and supplies to people in need. It is the only self-contained, state-of-the-art surgical facility capable of providing life-saving and life-changing medical procedures and services to all corners of the world.

In providing medical aid and humanitarian relief missions, most international relief organizations focus on providing those services and missions in rural communities in under-developed or developing countries. The Flying Hospital in addition to providing disaster relief services, will be focused on urban areas around the globe. There are approximately 25 cities in the world with populations greater than 10 million people. In just a few years, the number of these mega-cities is expected to multiply as millions of the world's poorest populations migrate to these urban areas where there is no medical services available to these populations. The Flying Hospital teams will design, coordinate and implement humanitarian missions to these medically under served populations.

The Flying Hospital will bring new techniques, medicines, supplies and equipment to areas of the world where there are little or no modern medical services available to literally millions of people. Each mission will be designed to meet the medical needs of the partnering country.

The Flying Hospital will also be made available to other non-profit organizations wishing to sponsor life-changing, compassionate medical missions throughout the world as well as governments and organizations assisting in national emergencies in most all countries.

We trust you are encouraged by what Mercy Airlift is doing in establishing The Flying Hospital, Inc., and in acquiring this particular aircraft that is so well suited for the type of operations Mercy Airlift has been providing for the past 35 years.

Please continue to review our site and contact us to learn more on how you can be part of this great mission - helping those who are in desperate need with these "Wings of Mercy".


Small photo of the plane.

The mission of The Flying Hospital is to bring medical aid and education as well as supplies and medicines on a non-discriminatory and impartial basis to impoverished people of all nations, and to assist the suffering victims of natural and man-made disasters wherever they may occur in the world.


Photo of training session.

The vision of The Flying Hospital is to mobilize compassionate (merciful) volunteers, and to equip them with the tools to respond to the needs of those suffering from medical infirmities of every kind. It is also the vision of The Flying Hospital to assist in the training of medical care providers in developing countries and to help in supplying them with the proper medical equipment to meet the demands of their communities and countries.