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Hospital Features

The Flying Hospital features a hospital door and an air stair door at ground level which allows patients to board the aircraft for treatment. The highly modified aircraft is equipped with multiple auxiliary power units to provide electricity for hospital operations, a water purification plant, an onboard oxygen generation system as well as nitrous oxide for anesthesia, a complete pharmacy, a patient waiting room and lounge, and a complete galley where mid-day meals are prepared for medical personnel onboard.

Hospital Operating Room

Seating is provided for 67 medical and mission personnel. This area is also used to teach surgical procedures to healthcare personnel and local medical professionals. An onboard television system enables a group of individuals to observe an operation and hear the surgeon's voice as he or she explains the procedure. The large-screen video monitors make it pssible to present training and educational seminars. Addition features are as follows:

  • Two examining/triage rooms
  • Two Dental or Ophthalmolgic operating stations
  • Surgical facility with four operating stations
  • Pre/post-operation and recovery area for up to 12 patients
  • Minor surgery station (forward)
  • Pharmacy
  • Equipment: Ultrasound, fluoroscan, autoclave sterilizers and laboratory
  • Onboard oxygen generation
  • Medical grade air and vacuum systems
  • Water purification system
  • A complete Sterilization System

The hospital also has communications equipment to broadcast messages, events and real-time operations which can be received by different locations through the use of satellite services.

Photo of the post operative suite.