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Help Us To Help Others

(continued) The mission of Mercy Food Bank is to create a hunger-free South Bay by soliciting and providing food and grocery products to needy individuals and distribution agencies; to eliminate domestic hunger in our community.

We are not a shelter, soup kitchen or pantry.

We are the charity that provides fresh fruits, vegetables, foods and supplies to the needy in the South Bay area.

There seems to be a great divide in our country these days, and you can help us bridge this divide in your own area by ensuring that the basic nutritious needs of the truly needy are met. That is why we established the Mercy Food Distribution Program.

Winning The Fight

The problem is HUNGER, and it is an equal-opportunity problem.

U.S. statistics indicate that up to 30% of the food processed for sale in the United States is wasted, enough to feed millions of people. At the same time it is estimated that nearly 16% of the population suffers from hunger, and one in five children goes to bed hungry every night

through no fault of their own. With thousands of military personnel coming home and many of them being released from active duty, it causes real hardship for them in the wake of not being able to secure immediate employment. Then there are the nearly 63,000 homeless veterans and 1.5 million living in poverty. 14,000 at-risk veterans are single women with children.

Feeding Thousands

Mercy Food Bank, South Bay is able to feed thousands of needy individuals.

Through alliances with growers, manufacturers, processors, distributors, retailers and other charitable agencies, as well as individual and corporate sponsors and supporters, we are able to secure millions of pounds nutritious foods, including USDA inspected fresh fruits and vegetables and distribute these products and supplies to other food banks, churches, para-church groups

and to our region's most vulnerable populations, like children, families, and seniors, where they can have access to a reliable source of healthy nutrition. Please click here to be part of helping those in need. Your help is needed and you can make an immediate difference right here in our own community.

Why Choose Us

Mercy Food Bank, South Bay is established to be the most effective non-profit organization that will be able to consistently provide food to the shelters and distribution centers.
  • Daily deliveries of food items to the centers
  • Assists farmers in making use of the excess harvest
  • Soup kitchens and centers depend on us for deliveries
  • Thousands of those in need have been fed through our services
  • Every dollar donated provides more food deliveries
  • Efficient and well-organized operation
  • Effectively works in cooperation with the other charities
  • The source of supplies for other charities